Exploring Madrid’s top 11 churro spots: from classic to modern

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In the lively streets of Madrid, churro spots are timeless treasures, ranging from century-old establishments to the more contemporary ones. Immerse yourself in the tempting aroma of fresh churros and hot chocolate as we present 11 must-visit places that cater to both the classic and the innovative.

1. Chocolatería San Ginés

If there’s a taste that embodies Madrid, it’s the churros from San Ginés. Open 24/7 at Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy churros with chocolate any time of the year, even in the summertime.

2. Chocolat Madrid

Located at Santa María, 30, Chocolat Madrid captivates with its daily-made thick chocolate and churros that are perfect for dipping. Despite being one of the youngest, it has earned its spot.

3. Churrerías Siglo XIX

With two locations at Avenida de la Albufera, 270 (Vallecas) and San Onofre, 25 (San Sebastián de los Reyes), Churrerías Siglo XIX masters crispy and non-greasy churros. Don’t worry about the crowd; there’s usually space upstairs.

4. Churrería Chocolatería La Encarnita

In Chamberí, at Calle de Meléndez Valdés, 45, La Encarnita is a family place that transports you to childhood Sunday mornings. Churros, porras, and hot chocolate are served with the same dedication as always.

5. La Antigua Churrería

The classic and modern meet at Bravo Murillo, 190 (Tetuán) in La Antigua Churrería. From classic sugar-coated to spectacular dulce de leche-filled, they offer a complete range of delights.

6. Churrería La Andaluza

Though small at Hernani, 10 (Cuatro Caminos), Churrería La Andaluza is giant in flavor. Their loop-shaped porras and churros are unbeatable, and if you have room, their buñuelos are a must-try.

7. Chocolatería 1902

At San Martín, 2 (Sol), Los Artesanos 1902 represents a century-old tradition. Their churros with sugar, chocolate, and porras remain true to the quality of the past, including gluten-free options.

8. Manosanta

In Hermosilla, 97 (Salamanca), Manosanta redefines the churrería with a cosmopolitan touch. Besides classic churros, they offer innovations like the «Pecado Mortal,» a churro sandwich with ice cream in the middle.

9. Schotis, Churrería Neocastiza

With a neocastizo touch at Santa Engracia, 55 (Chamberí), Schotis elevates the churro experience with various versions, from loops to ‘mads’ and ‘pichis.’ A double dose of Castilian flair.

10. Churrería Santa Ana

Since 1895 in El Rastro, at Santa Ana, 7, Churrería Santa Ana is the perfect place to brighten mornings. Offering simple options of churros, porras, and french fries, they maintain authenticity and speed.

11. Chocolatería Valor

The classic Villajoyosa chocolate takes the form of a churrería in Madrid. With three spaces in the city, like at Calle de San Martín, 2, Chocolatería Valor merges thick chocolate with churros and porras, captivating taste buds with an infallible combination.

Explore Madrid’s vibrant flavors through these churrerías, where each bite narrates the story of churro art in the Spanish capital. Enjoy your culinary journey!